Month: December 2022

WX Weather Station Added to the Shack (Dec 2022) Broughton Moor Weather Station.

On Christmas Eve my new weather station arrived! It was installed on the same day 🙂

Currently the weather station is uploading / providing a service to the following websites:
Weather Underground: Link Here
Met Office WOW: Link Here
APRS / CWOP Callsign GW2826: Link Here

In addition to the above websites, a live feed dashboard can be found on this website here: with some really cool live gauges here

I have also added the lightning sensor to the station. I have yet to add it to the website. Soon as I figure that part out Ill add it.

For anyone interested in the kit I used to build this, it can be found below.

Weather Station Used: Ecowitt Weather Station. 7 in 1 with a GW1100 Gateway. Link here:
The Lightning sensor I used was a addon and was bought from here:

You can use a Raspberry Pi to run Cumulus MX or a computer. I opted for a computer as I have loads spare.

To get it to update to the internet and APRS, you need to connect the gateway GW1100 to your wireless internet. You then need to download the software either to a Pi computer or a laptop.

The software I used us called Cumulus MX Version V3.23.0 (at time of writing this Jan 2023)
Link to the download can be found here

Once downloaded the software runs like a webserver in DOS. You are given a URL to a local website. Here you can program the system up. Heres how I set mine up:

The IP address of my Cumulus Install is on a laptop with IP
The IP Address of my GW1100 Gateway is on You need to point the GW1100 to talk to the Cumulus MX Server (screenshot below)

GW1100 Settings to Cumulus MX

APRS Setup.

To setup your station on to APRS, you need a CWOP Callsign. All you do is follow this website. You send them a email to request a callsign. You get a email back with a callsign then enter this into Cumulus MX: Link here

Heres some images of my setup. The outdoor unit is on one of my sheds outside. I am 112M above sea level.

Top Section is the 7 in 1 kit. the bottom sensor is the lightning sensor.
GW110A from the Front