YSF Server Update to pYSFReflector3

I have now implemented a new version of YSF, based on pYSFReflector3. This is now hosted on a VPS in the cloud which gives us better audio low latency and more functions.

The new cloud dashboard can now be found here http://xlx.cumbriacq.com/dashboard/main.php

PiStar, OpenSpot, DV Mega and so on can connect to this reflector. The Reflector is currently connected to GB7CU C4FM Repeater Via a bridge & Wires X Room 81934 Cumbria CQ.

For more information on pYSFReflector3 or to download it and use it on your own server, follow this link to the download. https://github.com/iu5jae/pYSFReflector



Updated: April 14, 2023 — 7:03 pm