Terms & Conditions

Competition Terms & Conditions

The Organizer The organizer is: Cartcom, located at Mealpot Road, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6NE.

The Contest 2.1. The terms and conditions here apply to all contests showcased on our website at cumbriaCQ.com.

2.2. Various contest formats may be presented by the Organizer. Unless specified in clause 2.3, a participation fee is applicable for each entry.

2.3. To stand a chance to win, participants must correctly answer a challenge set by the Organizer. If an easy or multiple-choice challenge is presented, or no challenge is set, a free participation route is available.

Participation Guidelines 3.1. Each contest will have specific start and end dates as mentioned on the website, referred to as the “Start Date” and “End Date”. All times are based on London, England.

3.2. If necessary, the Organizer can adjust the Start and End Dates. Any changes will be updated on the website.

3.3. All entries should reach the Organizer before the specified End Date. Late entries will be disqualified, and no refunds will be provided.

3.4. The maximum number of entries for each contest is mentioned on the website. Entry limits may apply.

3.5. Participants can enter multiple times until the maximum entries are reached. For free entries, each entry must be submitted individually.

3.6. To participate:

  • Visit our website and check the challenge.
  • Fill out the online form.
  • Purchase the required number of entries.
  • Submit your answer to the challenge, if applicable.

3.7. All entries should be in English. Non-English entries will be disqualified without refunds.

3.8. Upon successful entry (excluding free entries), a confirmation will be sent by the Organizer.

3.9. The Organizer isn’t responsible for incomplete or lost entries due to technical issues.

3.10. By participating, you agree to these terms and conditions.

3.11. Free postal entries can be sent to: Cartcom, Mealpot Road, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6NE. [Further conditions apply as mentioned in the original text.]

Selecting a Winner 4.1. Participants answering correctly will enter a draw. The winner will be chosen randomly within 7 days post the End Date.

4.2. Participant details may be displayed on the website during the live draw. If you prefer anonymity, contact us at least 48 hours before the draw.

For assistance, reach out to us via email.

Eligibility 5.1. The contest is open to UK residents aged 18 and above, excluding Organizer employees and associated agents.

5.2. By entering, you confirm your eligibility. Proof may be requested by the Organizer.

5.3. Automated or incomplete entries won’t be accepted.

5.4. Disrespectful behavior towards the Organizer or associates may lead to disqualification.

5.5. No entry fee refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

5.6. Fraudulent activities will result in voided entries.

Prizes 6.1. Prize details are available on the website.

6.2. Prizes are subject to availability. The Organizer may replace the prize with one of equal or greater value.

6.3. The Organizer doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of prize details on the website.

6.4. Some prizes may be provided by third-party suppliers.

6.5. In certain situations, the Organizer may offer a cash prize alternative.

6.6. Prizes are non-negotiable and non-transferable.

6.7. For travel prizes, specific conditions apply as mentioned in the original text.

Winners 7.1. The Organizer’s decision is final.

7.2. Winners will be announced during a live draw. For anonymity, contact us in advance.

7.3. If a winner is unreachable within 21 days, an alternate winner will be chosen.

7.4. Winner details will be published on the website.

7.5. If you prefer not to be publicized, contact us before the End Date.

Claiming Prizes 8.1. Winners must claim prizes personally.

8.2. Update us with any changes in your contact details.

8.3. Cash prizes will be transferred to the winner’s bank account.

8.4. The Organizer isn’t responsible for unclaimed prizes.

8.5. For vehicle prizes, specific conditions apply as mentioned in the original text.

Liabilities The Organizer, its agents, or distributors won’t be liable for any loss or damages unless due to their negligence.

Data Protection 10.1. Personal data will be used as per our Privacy Policy.

10.2. Winners agree to promotional activities.

10.3. For data protection concerns, contact us.

10.4. Winners may need to provide additional details to claim prizes.

10.5. For data removal requests, contact us before the End Date.

General 11.1. Terms and conditions may be updated periodically.

11.2. Breach of these terms may result in disqualification.

11.3. The Organizer can cancel or amend contests if necessary. In such cases, entry fees will be refunded.

11.4. There’s no minimum entry requirement.

11.5. Our contests are not affiliated with Facebook.

11.6. These terms are governed by English law.

11.7. Keep a copy of these terms for reference.